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May 23, 2016
by richard

A Suggestion for Oxidation Problem on Padauk/Bud Rosewood Chess Pieces

The banner image above shows the bases of a few bud rosewood chess pieces. Notice the white buildup on the front right piece. I’m experiencing an oxidation problem – and it looks horrible! Continue Reading →


May 19, 2016
by richard

Luxury Arabian Knight Series Chess Set from ChessBazaar

Well, I’ve been bitten by the Chess bug all over again.  I blame this on three things:

  • Justin, my son, who has surpassed my skills, and can destroy me in chess liberally; playing against him has been pushing my development
  • The Chess.com iOS app (too many nice things to mention here … but here’s a post dedicated to that app)
  • I’ve started attending weekly chess club meeting in my hometown.

So, I decided to upgrade my current chess set. It’s a fairly nice chess set, but the white king suffers a broken crown; it’s very well made, handsome even. But, nothing fancy about it.  Continue Reading →


April 28, 2016
by richard

Chess.com – Nice App, Nice site

Anyone out there using the Chess-With-Friends app?  It’s pretty basic.  Not exactly an exciting app.  It servers the purpose – but native resolution on the iPad would be nice – the 2x magnification on the iPad looks pixelated, and the layout looks like waste of space.  The board colors seem monotonous. It would be nice to select different board colors every once in a while. I’ve been waiting on a Chess-With-Friends update for quite a long time now.

News Flash!  It’s not coming!

Want a breath of fresh air?  May I recommend the Chess.com app?  Here’s some iPhone screen shots of come of the hundreds of available board styles, or “themes”Continue Reading →

April 11, 2016
by richard

iOS Tip of the Day … Removing Auto-Suggested Chat Contacts

I’ve used iPhone for so long now … I’ve had to update several friend’s phone numbers in my contacts list.

What happens when you go to text a friend with a changed number?  Auto suggestions will pop up your friends name … without displaying the number behind the name.  If you’re not careful, you’ll deliver a text to your friend’s old number without even knowing it.

Those auto-suggested names come from your Recent Text History list – and, so long as the number hasn’t changed, it makes life easy.  You don’t have to type out the whole name.  But, what happens when someone has a new number?   How do you stop iOS from using an old number?  If you’re not careful, you can deliver a text to the wrong person without even knowing it.

So, there’s good news to fix things … you can remove (and even inspect the actual number used) by tapping on the circled information “i” on the right side of the suggested contacts. Tapping the “i” shows the contact info used, and offers a link to Remove From Recent Chat History.

The odd thing is … if you are using a Mac computer to text – there’s no way to delete recent contact from that platform.  Seems to be a mistake on Apple’s part.  It must be deleted from an iOS device.



January 21, 2016
by richard

Traditional Computer-Only Realted Tasks are Migrating to Tablets/Smartphones

As a proud owner of one of the latest iPad Pros …


Being caught up up in tracking the latest news articles related to this fantastic device – (especially in the wake of critical articles related to Tim Cooks’s promotional statement describing the iPad Pro as a laptop replacement for many, many people) …

I’ve stepped back to simply survey how times are changing in the way we are using computers.   Continue Reading →