Ever wish you were an expert of the original languages of the Bible? Ever wish you could translate those texts for yourself into English? (If so, you probably know a little Koine Greek. You might be able to say the Greek alphabet. And, you may even know a little about the inflection endings of noun and verb forms in Classical Greek — but that may be about all many of us know.) This kind of skill requires a dedicated focus in life that few have. Even so, there are three languages used in ancient biblical texts. Chances are, you could only focus on one.Read More →

Mark your calendars for April 8th, the release date for Soul Surfer, an encouraging movie about Bethany Hamilton, a professional surfer with an incredible story behind her. Born in Kauai, Hawaii, Bethany, demonstrated remarkable surfing talent as early as age 8, winning a light QuickSilver contest. Later that year, she won her first major competition for both long board and short board events in her division. However, at age 13 in 2003, she experienced a 15 foot tiger shark attack, suffering the loss of her left arm. This heart warming movie for the whole family, offers inspiration and hope when life can be messy. BestRead More →

Here’s a few photos of First Baptist Church, Booneville, MS, participating in a handbell concert at Camp Garaway. The group is directed by FBC Booneville choir director, Mrs. LuAnne. We are very thankful for wonderful programs like this that provide invaluable opportunities for future musicians. Justin can be seen towards the left end.Read More →