House of Chess will attempt to use the following four images in the rolling Gallery below (and perhaps the banner image of this article) to color-match replacements for two of my “White” chess pieces – the White King and the White Castle. There are actually pieces from three different sets below. You can see brighter white pawns to the right and left sides (from two more-recent sets) against this aged set’s pieces in the center and in the background. The middle pieces (and background pieces) are from a 4″ Monarch Staunton Style set – natural Rosewood and Boxwood. As you can see from the photographs,Read More →

Imagine the surprise of hearing coworkers hollering help in an adjacent workspace. Imagine that you rush to the scene, to find someone standing on a desk holding a waste can in position to catch a strange pink liquid pouring from the ceiling. This is exactly how my lunch hour began.Read More →

Penny is our Miniature Pincher. She has a beautiful red color and is certainly my wife’s favorite pet – (although my wife calls her “our little child“). Penny’s eleven, and she loves being outside for the most part. She guards the backyard faithfully against those pesky squirrels that steal the birdseed. And she has a keen eye for that green dot that appears from the laser pointer. Normally she’s full of energy.Read More →