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I’ve been using Olive Tree’s BibleReader Soft­ware for a few years now. I really enjoy BibleReader’s abil­ity to orga­nize and tag user typed notes for easy retrieval — as well as col­lect­ing them in one place. How­ever, I’ve recently improved my note-taking strat­egy by using a sec­ond hand­writ­ing app. Now, I have a two-app-workflow using […]

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Mark your cal­en­dars for April 8th, the release date for Soul Surfer, an encour­ag­ing movie about Bethany Hamil­ton, a pro­fes­sional surfer with an incred­i­ble story behind her. Born in Kauai, Hawaii, Bethany, demon­strated remark­able surf­ing tal­ent as early as age 8, win­ning a light Quick­Sil­ver con­test. Later that year, she won her first major competition […]

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Here at Rich & Diane’s Place, we have per­formed painful oper­a­tions to PHP code and CSS attrib­utes in order to cus­tomize the appear­ance of this site. The major cus­tomiza­tion was to merge the Slid­ing Doors category-selection header to the top for each theme avail­able. After work­ing on this for the past few months, I seem […]

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Patrick Henry Hughes has quite a story. There are many lessons for each of us found in this very mov­ing story. I’ll let you decide which les­son means the most to you; per­son­ally, I was touched with the love of the Father for his child — and if you’re ask­ing if I mean the Dad […]

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Below is a test for a Quick­Time plu­gin play­ing one of my first iPhone videos. It works per­fectly on some com­put­ers … on oth­ers it does not. It takes a bit to load, depend­ing on your con­nec­tion speed … please be patient. Let me know if you were able to see or not see this video. […]

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A few years ago, I stum­bled upon an arti­cle that demon­strated a tech­nique of under­stand­ing scrip­ture called Block Dia­gram­ming. The orig­i­nal arti­cle still exist, and I would like to extend my per­sonal thanks to Steve Bran­don, a pas­tor at Rock­ford Chris­t­ian High School, for this infor­ma­tion. This study tech­nique has become such a rich and […]

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