If I close my eyes and concentrate, I can travel back to 1979 – the year I was first exposed to an exciting new game where unique pieces were moved around on a checkerboard. The game was called chess.Read More →

FM Alisa Melekhina discusses three of her favorite c2 Sicilian games that were all won within 21 moves. This post is a result of translating her YouTube video into an article to demonstrate the strategy of the games for further analysis, in a move-by-move fashion. (She went really fast in her YouTube video … and even skipped over some of her moves.) I am thinking about turing this article into a series of c3 Sicilian game studies. Here, we look at game one.Read More →

House of Chess will attempt to use the following four images in the rolling Gallery below (and perhaps the banner image of this article) to color-match replacements for two of my “White” chess pieces – the White King and the White Castle. There are actually pieces from three different sets below. You can see brighter white pawns to the right and left sides (from two more-recent sets) against this aged set’s pieces in the center and in the background. The middle pieces (and background pieces) are from a 4″ Monarch Staunton Style set – natural Rosewood and Boxwood. As you can see from the photographs,Read More →

This is a post that takes a pgn chess game and allows the game to be displayed on a chessboard with VCR button to step through the game. Additionally, board colors, chess pieces, and other parameters can be customized in settings for the plugin.Read More →

Anyone out there using the Chess-With-Friends app?  It’s pretty basic.  Not exactly an exciting app.  It servers the purpose – but native resolution on the iPad would be nice – the 2x magnification on the iPad looks pixelated, and the layout looks like waste of space.  The board colors seem monotonous. It would be nice to select different board colors every once in a while. I’ve been waiting on a Chess-With-Friends update for quite a long time now. News Flash!  It’s not coming! Want a breath of fresh air?  May I recommend the Chess.com app?  Here’s some iPhone screen shots of come of the hundreds of available boardRead More →