Soul Surfer, The Movie — A Review

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Mark your cal­en­dars for April 8th, the release date for Soul Surfer, an encour­ag­ing movie about Bethany Hamil­ton, a pro­fes­sional surfer with an incred­i­ble story behind her. Born in Kauai, Hawaii, Bethany, demon­strated remark­able surf­ing tal­ent as early as age 8, win­ning a light Quick­Sil­ver con­test. Later that year, she won her first major com­pe­ti­tion for both long board and short board events in her divi­sion. How­ever, at age 13 in 2003, she expe­ri­enced a 15 foot tiger shark attack, suf­fer­ing the loss of her left arm. This heart warm­ing movie for the whole fam­ily, offers inspi­ra­tion and hope when life can be messy. Best of all, it’s not some Dis­ney made-up against-all-odds plot, it’s totally true!

Diane and I wish to extend a very spe­cial thanks to the Soul Surfer Screen­ing Team for their spe­cial invite pre­view this fan­tas­tic movie ahead of it’s sched­uled release date. This was quite a treat. Here’s a trailer.

Many of those warm-and-fuzzy movies claim­ing to be “based on a true story,” are only loosely accu­rate at best. In regards to this move, a quick check of Bethany’s biog­ra­phy on Wikipedia, and, after view­ing actual footage over the years of Bethany’s life dur­ing the clos­ing cred­its of the movie, I was pleas­antly sur­prised to find that the move is remark­ably accu­rate to the actual story. No embell­ish­ing was needed — plain and sim­ple, the story is just that incredible!

While search­ing through many related YouTube videos, I ran across one that I just had to include in this post. Dur­ing this inter­view, con­sis­tent with her story, Bethany attrib­utes her suc­cess to Christ, and shares that the great­est thing we can do in life is to reach out to oth­ers in love.

I hope you’re get­ting excited to cel­e­brate all that life can be when free­dom is found in the power to give your life away for the sake of reach­ing out to oth­ers. That’s exactly what this movie is all about!


Soul Surfer /sohl serf-er/ – noun; 1. A term coined in the 1970s, used to describe a tal­ented surfer who surfs for the sheer plea­sure of it. Although they may still enter com­pe­ti­tions, a Soul Surfer’s motives go beyond winning.

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