Removing Auto-Suggested Chat Contacts

Removing Auto-Suggested Chat Contacts

I’ve used iPhone for so long now … I’ve had to update several friend’s phone numbers in my contacts list.

What happens when you go to text a friend with a changed number?  Auto suggestions will pop up your friends name … without displaying the number behind the name.  If you’re not careful, you’ll deliver a text to your friend’s old number without even knowing it.

Those auto-suggested names come from your Recent Text History list – and, so long as the number hasn’t changed, it makes life easy.  You don’t have to type out the whole name.  But, what happens when someone has a new number?   How do you stop iOS from using an old number?  If you’re not careful, you can deliver a text to the wrong person without even knowing it.

So, there’s good news to fix things … you can remove (and even inspect the actual number used) by tapping on the circled information “i” on the right side of the suggested contacts. Tapping the “i” shows the contact info used, and offers a link to Remove From Recent Chat History.

The odd thing is … if you are using a Mac computer to text – there’s no way to delete recent contact from that platform.  Seems to be a mistake on Apple’s part.  It must be deleted from an iOS device.


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