Padauk Chess Pieces Oxidation Solutions


  1. Hello Richard,

    I was wondering if your solution of using paste wax on the paduak pieces is still working. I am especially interested to know about the knights. I have been unable to get the oxidation out of their manes and out of the crevices of the other pieces. (It rubs off fine from the the main body of the pieces.) It seems like you would have to get it out of the manes before applying the wax. Otherwise, it would just show through the wax. I would appreciate any help/suggestions you may give.

    Many thanks,

    1. Author

      Good question… it seemed to work fine for about 2 weeks, then it stopped working. I’m now using a soft toothbrush on the Knights … best suggestion I have at the moment. I’m hopping the oxidation will become less over time (as someone said it would) but I have not noticed it being any less or more. It accumulates heavier the longer I wait to brush them with the toothbrush. Let me know.

    2. Author

      I have revised this residue article on padaulk chess pieces with a better solution, since the paste wax solution proved to be somewhat a temporary fix. You may want to revisit the last paragraph of the article now.


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