Welcome, I’m Richard.

I must say, few come here. It’s not a popular site. I don’t work to promote it – I just like writing. This site started as a project to satisfy some curiosities about WordPress.  Over the years I think I’ve satisfied that curiosity, and in the process, I’ve grown fond of blogging.

You’ll find many articles relating to theology, technical reviews, and photography –  but anything of interest is fair game.  The URL “richimages” is a play on words – my name being Richard, and one of my hobbies being photography. The WordPress title, “Walt’s Thoughts” comes from my last name – Walters. It seemed catchy.  I also enjoy chess, programming, photo processing, and building cases for a pro Christian worldview.

Since you’re here, consider yourself personally invited to stay a while.  If you see something that interest you – drop a line. I’ve love to hear from you.

with warm regards,





  1. Aloha from Hawaii Rich,
    Found your blog from your response to https://candiceczubernat.wordpress.com/2014/09/22/the-church-is-responsible-for-this/
    I agree with you, she(Candice) and anyone should be welcomed at a Church IF they are genuinely seeking repentance & to worship God. However, as in her case, she wants the Church to change it’s Biblical stand on sin simply to accommodate her
    sinful choices, thus the Churches are right in asking them to leave! That is what my Church (the website I posted) would do.
    Like your blog, and your pictures! Hope you don’t mind me downloading some of them to use in my screen saver picture collection. If that’s not OK for you, just tell me & I will delete them! Praise Jesus & Have a Great Life!

    Please take a look at my blog- https://sailordale.wordpress.com/

    Thanks, Dale

    1. Have at the pics for your screensaver, brother. Thanks for letting me know how you found me. Sounds like we are in agreement as well, flaunting sinful lifestyles and struggling with sinful lifestyles demonstrate two different inner reactions towards sin; the former is nowhere close to repentance, the later is what we all do with different kinds of sins each of us have – and will make the final transformation all that much more wonderful when we get to heaven.


  2. Your pic’s are beautiful! Please post more,if you can!

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