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November 30, 2015
by richard

Handwriting on the iPad Pro

So … Love the Apple Pencil writing experience.  It’s so close to a pen-and-pad experience, it’s quite a joy.  Although I’m still waiting for some of the apps I’ve used in the past to support Apple pencil, I can certainly recommend Adobe Sketch for handwriting.  Although it is primarily an app used for art, penmanship is a joy.   Just toggle the grid lines to on, resize them to a line spacing that suits you, and select either a pencil or pen tool, with the color, size and opacity attributes – and your off and running.   Optionally, you can watercolor an interesting paper background, or go for a clean white page.   Here’s some of the first pages I’ve written with this app.  

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November 24, 2015
by richard

Wireless Keyboard Options with the iPad Pro

I’ll admit – I did not purchase the iPad Pro for document editing.  Rather, I was more interested in art and photography capabilities.  However, after considering the amount of available screen space and the ease of viewing – I’m intrigued with the possibility of light keyboard editing tasks on the iPad Pro.  (I’m writing this article on it now.)

Physical keyboards certainly add to the functionality of these devices. But can’t we do better than the two popular options?  Continue Reading →


August 8, 2015
by richard

My Journey in Penmanship – Breaking Free of Old Habits

If you want to improve your handwriting, you’re going to have to practice writing – there’s no getting around that fact.  So … What do you write when you’re practicing?  Well, why not write about the journey and your struggles to improve your handwriting? I’m going all out – and striving towards a nice Spencerian look; to that end, a number of my letters needed to be modified from the way I originally learned them. In this article I demonstrate and discuss this journey in detail.  Take a look.   Continue Reading →


July 21, 2015
by richard

Noodler’s Ahab Flex with Apache Sunrise – a Perfect Combination

Apache Sunrise from Noodler’s Ink is at the top of any list for maximum color-variation inks. In the fountain pen world, this ink characteristic is properly called shading. In a recent article I wanted to highlight that characteristic with a YouTube link – but, I was surprised to find that most YouTube videos just showed different uniform colors from different pens. (I.e. how the color might vary from pen to pen.) However, it’s easy to get the total range of colors from a single pen that has a flexible nib. This allows the ink to pool for deeper reds, or thinly for the lighter yellows . The banner image shows a magnified detail section from the image below – which demonstrates this shading nicely. The original page is a joy to view. Double click to maximize the image to full resolution, and note how single letters exhibit the total color range of this wonderful ink! Continue Reading →