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April 8, 2015
by richard

Could the Universe have an Infinite Past?

Now days, most people agree that the Universe had a beginning. Still, every now and then, I run into someone who feels that scientists and astronomers are theorizing way over their heads — and that these brainiac scientists just might be wrong. These people feel that the Universe may have existed forever.

I kind of get why someone may feel this way — if they’ve not given the subject much thought. But, if we think on this a bit, even a non-scientist or astronomer can reach the same conclusion: that the universe must have had a beginning. Here’s why: Continue Reading →


March 27, 2015
by richard

Experiencing Continuity Issues Between two MBP Retinas and an iPhone?

I use two Macs — and I have an iPhone 6 Plus. I’ve always been able to get Apple’s latest continuity feature to work between the iPhone, and any one of the two Macs — but never both at the same time.  Further, I’ve never been able to get handoff to work between one mac to the other.  Off and on, over the last two weeks, I dedicated my time and energy to getting continuity working between all devices properly. Continue Reading →