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February 1, 2015
by richard

Abbreviations and Introduction to Principal Manuscript Evidence for the Greek New Testament 

Note: Credit to Whom Credit is Due — I did not write this article.1

No ancient literature has survived in its original form; everything we have is derived from copies of the originals. The NT is no exception. However, in comparison with any other ancient literature, the NT is without a peer—both in terms of the chronological proximity and the surviving number. Continue Reading →

  1. In the NET Bible, there are many “translation notes”. Those notes will refer to “many witnesses”, followed by a parenthesized list ancient documents by their names. After searching and searching for where those symbols came from, I came across this article. It is copied exactly as it appears. I find it fascinating. []

January 16, 2015
by richard

Our Penny

It’s been exactly a week since we’ve brought Penny home from her recent five-day-stay at the vet. If you recall, her kidneys were having problems filtering toxins from her blood. Her blood-urea-nitrogen (BUN) levels were elevated to 107 causing a lose of appetite and extreme fatigue. Continue Reading →