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February 1, 2015
by richard

Abbreviations and Introduction to Principal Manuscript Evidence for the Greek New Testament 

Note: Credit to Whom Credit is Due — I did not write this article.1

No ancient literature has survived in its original form; everything we have is derived from copies of the originals. The NT is no exception. However, in comparison with any other ancient literature, the NT is without a peer—both in terms of the chronological proximity and the surviving number. Continue Reading →

  1. In the NET Bible, there are many “translation notes”. Those notes will refer to “many witnesses”, followed by a parenthesized list ancient documents by their names. After searching and searching for where those symbols came from, I came across this article. It is copied exactly as it appears. I find it fascinating. []

January 16, 2015
by richard

Our Penny

It’s been exactly a week since we’ve brought Penny home from her recent five-day-stay at the vet. If you recall, her kidneys were having problems filtering toxins from her blood. Her blood-urea-nitrogen (BUN) levels were elevated to 107 causing a lose of appetite and extreme fatigue. Continue Reading →


January 8, 2015
by richard

Pink Rain in the Workplace

Imagine the surprise of hearing coworkers hollering help in an adjacent workspace. Imagine that you rush to the scene, to find someone standing on a desk holding a waste can in position to catch a strange pink liquid pouring from the ceiling. This is exactly how my lunch hour began. Continue Reading →


January 7, 2015
by richard

Penny’s Condition

Penny is our Miniature Pincher. She has a beautiful red color and is certainly my wife’s favorite pet — (although my wife calls her “our little child”). Penny’s eleven, and she loves being outside for the most part. She guards the backyard faithfully against those pesky squirrels that steal the birdseed. And she has a keen eye for that green dot that appears from the laser pointer. Normally she’s full of energy. Continue Reading →