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January 21, 2016
by richard

Traditional Computer-Only Realted Tasks are Migrating to Tablets/Smartphones

As a proud owner of one of the latest iPad Pros …


Being caught up up in tracking the latest news articles related to this fantastic device – (especially in the wake of critical articles related to Tim Cooks’s promotional statement describing the iPad Pro as a laptop replacement for many, many people) …

I’ve stepped back to simply survey how times are changing in the way we are using computers.   Continue Reading →

November 30, 2015
by richard

Handwriting on the iPad Pro

So … Love the Apple Pencil writing experience.  It’s so close to a pen-and-pad experience, it’s quite a joy.  Although I’m still waiting for some of the apps I’ve used in the past to support Apple pencil, I can certainly recommend Adobe Sketch for handwriting.  Although it is primarily an app used for art, penmanship is a joy.   Just toggle the grid lines to on, resize them to a line spacing that suits you, and select either a pencil or pen tool, with the color, size and opacity attributes – and your off and running.   Optionally, you can watercolor an interesting paper background, or go for a clean white page.   Here’s some of the first pages I’ve written with this app.  

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November 24, 2015
by richard

Wireless Keyboard Options with the iPad Pro

I’ll admit – I did not purchase the iPad Pro for document editing.  Rather, I was more interested in art and photography capabilities.  However, after considering the amount of available screen space and the ease of viewing – I’m intrigued with the possibility of light keyboard editing tasks on the iPad Pro.  (I’m writing this article on it now.)

Physical keyboards certainly add to the functionality of these devices. But can’t we do better than the two popular options?  Continue Reading →