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A few years ago, I stum­bled upon an arti­cle that demon­strated a tech­nique of under­stand­ing scrip­ture called Block Dia­gram­ming. The orig­i­nal arti­cle still exist, and I would like to extend my per­sonal thanks to Steve Bran­don, a pas­tor at Rock­ford Chris­t­ian High School, for this infor­ma­tion. This study tech­nique has become such a rich and […]

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009 at 20:06 | 1 comment
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The fol­low­ing stats are the results of com­par­ing the amount of text dis­played when Olive Tree’s Bible Reader soft­ware is run­ning in “full screen” dis­play mode, vs the dis­play mode when the Main GUI Menu Tool­bar is used.  Full Screen was a ver­sion enhance­ment described in the pre­vi­ous post. Using NASB ( no ref­er­ences included in the […]

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Olive Tree devel­op­ers have been very busy lately with enhance­ments to the iPhone ver­sion of their Bible Read­ing Soft­ware.   David Trotz has been doing an out­stand­ing job in lead­ing this team of devel­op­ers. These are excit­ing days for users of their soft­ware!   Beta testers are cur­rently review­ing ver­sion 4.09.001868; I’m excited to post some of the enhance­ments we’re […]

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Although I pre­fer scrolling as the method of choice with e-reading devices, I’m forc­ing myself to re-evaluate this deci­sion. Seems the swip­ing page by page method is pop­u­lar with e-Readers like Stanza, and Kin­dle. ( Cer­tainly, Ama­zon, being the super-sized com­pany that it is, must have placed much effort, time, and money into research­ing this […]

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After send­ing a request to become a beta tester for Olive Tree, ( pro­duc­ers for what I con­sider to be one of the best Bible Reader/Studying pieces of soft­ware for the iPhone ), the ini­tial response looked to be less than promis­ing. How­ever, just three days ago, I received an email from Stephen John­son, saying […]

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