BibleReader 5 Annotations: Part One – Highlights


  1. I am a brand new user to Bible Reader. I have watched and read most of the tutorials and am VERY impressed with the flexibility of the program on my ipad. I want to begin organizing but whant to do it right the first time. I’m a little fuzzy as to what I should make a highlight, note, bookmark or tag. Which is best for what purpose??

  2. Would you please send me a link to your article on Olive Tree notes.


    1. Sorry Tom,

      Just saw this comment and, just now approved it. This article is quite old, and Olive Tree software has changed the organization a little (although all the functionality is still there.) I can’t remember what articles I wrote about notes. YouTube videos are probably a good source of information. OliveTree app also has a rotating series of very short target specific topic videos built into the app – pretty nice! You may be able to find what you’re looking for there as well.

      If you had specific questions about notes … let me know. Hope that helps.

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