Luxury Arabian Knight Chess Set


  1. Nice detailed review. I like those knights! I find that CB stands by their products, generally. And you get what you pay for. I don’t have as many sets as most of the chess collectors have, but I still have a few, and the ones from chessbazaar are of the highest quality, superior to all others. I too love the aggressive knights from California Chrome Staunton set in fact I Love all the California Chrome Staunton chess set..strong, wide base, very nice design.

    I am really tempted to buy this set too.

    1. Author

      Let me know if you do … the only problem I have is that the felt on the bottom seem to be more “frayed out” than other sets … and this is the LARGEST and LIGHTEST set I own. I expected it to feel really really heavy … but man was I surprised at the varied diff in weight ! This design, and accuracy is certainly more deserving of those final attention to details … but the money you save helps to overlook some of these things to some degree. Personal artistic preference, the flared Castle tops, the 3D King’s cross, and the gorgeous Knights make this particular design my personal favorite of all that I’ve seen anywhere. Very happy with the set. The oxidation problem is creeping back up again … but polishing the certain pieces with a soft cloth is easy enough before play. (Queen, base of King, three pawns, and the maine of the Knights … all of these pieces are the dark colored pieces) …
      overall .. very happy

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